Tuesday, 12 June 2012

1st Blog & 22 yo birthday

Here, was my very virgin blog that influenced by one of my pretty 'sister' aka +0. At first, i was wondered that, what is the advantages and benefits blogging here, wasting time, wasting energy for typing, facing long period in front of laptop, increase my eye power vision, wasting my broadband quota usage,and etc. See, so a lot of bad field about blogging here. 

Haizz, but thanks to my advance limbic system which control my emotional and ego-ness, so at last I decided to post my FIRST post here. Hope the result will not too bad for me. haha..

Last two day was my 22 yo birthday, as usual, no body knew that as I hide my birthday detail from facebook and no body knew it, except for my Ex. Here to say thanks to my ex that had been together with me for one and half year. Was cried after reading the message he sent me, and made me emo and moody for the whole day. And how terrible that the next day is my radiology final exam, totally screw up for my exam after that. I do miss you a lot, 8 months that we broke up until now, that feeling still so so so strong remaining inside my heart, and I think you do the same thing as well. I do appreciated what you done for me and how many reverses that we face together. That was not easy as ABC la..okie. But I'm totally regret to leave you alone in previous and always hope for miracles came through again. Unfortunately, golden times not allow you to do so. I just hoping that you are having your life happily and colourfully.( press against my heart to say so)

And also not forget to say billion Thanks to all my coursemate that made a wonderful and memorable  celebration with me. But was expected my Ex celebrated wit me actually. Never mind, I strongly believe that next year and throughout all the life will celebrate wit you. (Sorry, a bit self  narcissism ) hahaha..

                           Lovely Studio hair wax and birthday wishing card that surprised me so much.

Haizz, two papers was over, and 6 more papers is come toward me..No No No No Ways.. Can I just quit now and be my air steward?? or be singer?? or marry a rich person and be ' small white face' . Always hope that can happen in my life. Any one volunteer yourself ?? Begging you, pls pls pls.....

Opppssssyyyyy...Feeling sleepy at this moment, haha, take a short nap first before going to WARS again. haha. And last but not least, Happy Birthday to myself . Happy Birthday o...@,@